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Welcome to Mount Suswa, a shield volcanic mountain, named for its low & wide profile, resembling a warrior’s shield lying on the ground. (Also referred to as a double caldera mountain). Mount Suswa is less than 400,000 years old. Whether you like long hikes, or prefer camping under the stars, this is the perfect place for you to reconnect with nature, with each other or with yourself.

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  • Volcanic Wonder
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The mountain crater rim offers a magnificent scenery with low to moderate level hiking…

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With 12 expansive campsites round the crater, you are guaranteed a spot with…

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Volcanic Wonder

Mount Suswa holds the unique and expansive lava tubes caves, with over 30 cave…

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MT Suswa Tours

  • Stunning Hikes

    Enjoy the spectacular Views as you hike around the crater's rooms.

  • Explore The Lava Caves

    Explore Network of lava tube caves and learn about their history and inhabitants.

  • The Masai Culture

    Explore Maasai Culture, over night, staying in a traditional homestead

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